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Приглашение на участие в тендере

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Velonis is an international freight forwarding company

Velonis is an international freight forwarding company that transports cargo by sea,

land and air throughout the world.

We are your full service logistics provider. 
Always ready to fulfil your logistics requirements.

Why Velonis?

Successful freight services require expertise, inside knowledge,
and a reputation that business can trust, which is why Velonis is the preferred choice
of many companies.

Whenever you need to ship your cargo to another country, Velonis has the expertise
to make it happen reliably and quickly.

All of our clients get personal service and bespoke solutions because we are independent, flexible,will work with your requirements and have extensive knowledge of the local market.

Velonis provides combined container transport services. 

Our company has an extensive experience in combining different methods of cargo delivery, utilising the automobile, railway and maritime transport. We provide custom tailored solutions which meet exactly our customer needs.

We offer shipping in the universal 20ft and 40ft containers, tank containers, refrigerator containers. We provide forwarding of any cargo.

Velonis works only with reputable companies and maintain high level of integrity in all our business processes.  We value our reputation as a stable and reliable partner.  This allows us carrying out all transport and forwarding services, including ''door-to-door'' delivery, on territory of CIS, Baltic, European and Asian countries. 


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